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Ella Code
It's been a while...
Well, this is mainly to announce that I'm still alive, still fine and still around! 
I am sorry for the stagnation of my gallery in these two months, but I actually had a lot of stuff to do.
First of all, I had to make my exit exams. Yes, I'm finally out of the high school. I went out with a 86/100. Good grade. Not the maximum, but it suits me. 
Now, you have to know that one month ago a friend of mine, just before my theatre performance (yes, I had a play on June, and then a concert, and then another performance, just before my final exam), because I told him that I was worried about my exam, told me "you'll have 86/100" and I was like "yeah, 86. Ah-ah?" and he replied "86. Wanna bet?"
So we made a bet.
And I had 86/100. Bam.
I had to pay him a dinner. We had pizza with some friends.
After that, he paid the ice-cream for us all. Because he's a great man. 
(And it was an excellent ice-cream, I must say!)
So during these days, after having had my freedom from a 15/24hstudyingforthebloodyexamandI'mnotkidding, I made a lot of drawings. I must admit I copied some guidelines not to get lost, or because I wanted to focus on a part (eyes, hair, eyebrows, nose, lips etc.). Anyway, they were just sketch-lines. 
And I tried painting with tea! It's amazing! And it's amazing the range of colours you can obtain making different layers with different kind of tea! I seriously need to buy some other tea and try again!
I admit I took advantage and used all the tea only my mother buys and drinks. Expecially white tea.
The white tea thing it's an old story of months ago: my mother asked me if I wanted something from the shop, and I told her "black tea, we had run out of it". 
She came back with white tea.
So in my house there was this white tea that she and she alone used to drink and no one wanted.
So I took my revenge and used it to paint.
It's quite soft, you have to mix it up with chamomille to have a slight yellow-ish colour. But, anyway, it made it's job.
And here I leave you, after this shower of news!
  • Mood: Relief
  • Listening to: Merlin (Soundtrack S2), Finale (Lane & Stevens
  • Reading: Building a Character, Stanislavski

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Mello-chocolate Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you so much for the fav!<3
You're welcome!=D
Thank you for the fav :) !
you're welcome!
grazie mille per il fav!!!
Di niente!=D
Thanks for the llama~!
You're welc!
Hey there!
Thanks for the fave :D
Feel free to pop by to chat, comment, suggest or criticize whenever you feel like it ;)
Have a good one!
Oook! Thank you!=D
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