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Uncle Iroh by Eco5
Uncle Iroh
I have been rewatching Avatar: the Last Airbender lately, and I re-discovered my huge love for Iroh.
And since I love this character so much, I wanted to paint him with his favourite beverage. 
So I give you Iroh, the tea lover, holding a teapot, painted with tea (green and black tea).

I realized after I took the picture that some of the proportions are not exactly correct, but at this point I can't really edit it *sighs*. But I'm rather satisfied I managed to give some nice tones with all those layers of tea. I really like the colour. 

Toothless by Eco5
I drawing I made a month ago (more or less), because I really really love Toothless.

Valka by Eco5
I still stuck at backgrounds... if anyone has any kind of tips on how to create an effing background I'll gladly listen.
Yes, I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2. Twice, because I had to take my mother and her companion with me. 
Well, I needed an excuse to go to see the same movie twice at the cinema.
I loved it so much once could not be enough, so...
(If you haven't seen it I kindly recommend you to, because it's an awesome movie on a soundtrack/plot/characters/dialogue/dynamics level. So yeah. Go see it if you haven't already.)
And of course I fell in love with Valka. To be fair, I fell in love with this character since I first saw the trailer, because she's that awesome.
So I wanted to portray her, and since I noticed some resemblance with Cate Blanchett, who gives her the voice in the original/English version, I purposely used her face as a reference.
And then I coloured it with my graphic table.
And I let the background empty because I literally have no idea what to do with that. Should I... eat it? What? Make it black? White? Green? Disco?
It's a mystery I haven't solved, yet. 

Summer by Eco5
A couple of months ago, I was trying to reproduce a picture I had in a book of mine, and this came out. 
To be fair, I'm quite proud of it. 
And I don't know what else to say.
It's obviously a drawing...
... with pencils...
and the occasional blending stump...

Toothless: the Night Fury by Eco5
Toothless: the Night Fury
Second drawing to my mini-project "at least try to wait for HTTYD2 to come out in Italy".
Aaand yes, it's a humanized version of Toothless. Colours are better seen if you zoom in, by the way. 
I gave him a throwing axe, a knife and a throwing spear. As casual as it may seems, it made sense to me. The explanation is simple: we see Toothless fighting using mostly velocity and precision. He hit from a distance, but rarely too far from his spot, and when he fights without fire he generally engage a very close fight. Thus, the axe and the throwing spear are for medium-length/quite-far distances, while the knife for short ones. 
I hope it makes sense.
I've had a lot of fun drawing him. 
And I hope you have a good day!



Eco5's Profile Picture
Ella Code
Meaning: I finally have time and a way to post my drawings again. Yep!
I fear I have neglected to post stuff in too much time, and it will take a while to post everything (if I'll post everything), but I'll do it, I promise. And I found a cosy way to transfer my drawings in my laptop, thing that I could not do before because I didn't have a scanner... well, I don't have a scanner, to be fair, but I discovered my camera is not bad and I can use the memory as a usb, so it's grand. 

About me, I'm waiting for the new HTTYD movie to come out here in Italy, too. I came back here few days before it came out in Ireland, and so I have to wait. Sigh
On the other hand I visited some beautiful places: I went near Sorrento with my family (in the south), and saw the Ieranto cove, which is splendid, and then went up to the north among the Alps, which were amazing. 
And I read "Call for the Dead", by John Le Carré, which I kindly recommend to anyone who likes reading spy novels.
And, also, "The Hobbit", which I don't need to recommend because it recommends itself. 
So, I'm kind of back. Hullo! *waves*
And I don't know how to end this...
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